Theme: Your favourite event of the year.

Sakura: Christmas is the one I like the most.
Nattsun: So cute!
Sakura: I liked it but since I entered the middle school the presents from Santa Claus didn’t arrive anymore and so I’ve become quite bad with it. They stopped to arrive.
Naana: It seems Tatsumaki still receive them.
Nattsun: How old are you?
Makiho: I’m in the first year of middle school.
Naana: When did you stop to receive them?
Sakura: When I was in the first year of middle school.
Nattsun: Ah, so this year…
Makiho: But last year, Santa Claus-
Naana: Can you face the audience while talking?
Makiho: He write me a letter saying the next year he will give me presents again.
Nattsun: Did he write it in japanese?
Makiho: Nn, but they’ll arrive.
Nattsun: That’s good~
Makiho: I write what I like and the I find it.
Nattsun: Ama~zing! Then, Nacchan too will write it and wait for Santa Claus, ok?
Makiho: You’re already 20yo, so it’s impossible.
Naana: You’re not a child.
Makiho: Sakura-chan could still receive them.